Being a seamstress myself, I can spend hours on ‘fossicking’ the internet, trying to find sewing patterns that are both original and well-explained. I like to sew to expand my own wardrobe, to make dresses for my girls for all days of the year or to make the exact right present for my family and friends, spending hours on the fabric selection. A well balanced collection of patterns gives me all the inspiration I need.

On Allsewingpatterns, I share this found treasures with you! I collect patterns for beginners and quick-sew projects, as well as challenges for advanced sewing fans. When making a selection, I focus on the looks and the finishing of the product, but also on the clearness of the tutorial. I’d like to provide you a frustration-free sewing experience – and hopefully one without your seam-ripper!

If you’re interested in adding a pattern to the website, if you want to show me some of your work, or just want to say hi, don’t hesitate to contact me! I try to answer every email as quickly as possible and I’ll gladly provide you with information on how the website works.

You can contact me through email, like me on Facebook or follow me on Pinterest, Tumblr or Twitter.

Happy Sewing!

Riet (from Belgium)