Have you written all these patterns yourself?

No, i haven't. All free patterns link directly to the original creator of the pattern when you click the download button. Premium patterns are created by designers who work with me to provide the cutest patterns ever seen. When you purchase a pattern from my website, the full amount you pay goes directly to the original creator of the pattern, as we want to reward them for their work and support them to make many more beautiful patterns. I hope you enjoy what you find!

What's a premium pattern?

Some of the patterns have a premium label, this means a small contribution is asked to download this pattern. They have been selected with care on both their design and the quality of their instructions. You'll surely enjoy sewing these items! The full amount of the payment will go to the creator of the pattern so designers will feel valued and will continue to supply us with the products of their creative minds and hands.

How do I buy a pattern?

Simply click on the Buy Now - button next to the pattern of your choice. It's super easy! We only accept Paypal (which allows you to pay with credit cards or bank transfer) for pattern purchases. After your payment you will automatically receive a download link in the mailbox attached to your paypal-account. Make sure you check this mailbox and its spam-folder.  

I just bought a pattern from you. Where is it?

Right after your payment, the pattern was sent to the mailaddress attached to your paypal-account. Do make sure you also check the spam-folder, as it could end up there. If you feel like something went wrong, contact me by email.
Increasingly, Internet Service Providers are using filtering systems to try and keep spam out of customers’ inboxes. Sometimes, they accidentally filter the email that you want to receive. In many cases you are not notified (and neither are we) that Allsewingpatterns.net email didn’t get through. To make sure that our emails are not automatically filtered into your “junk” or “bulk” folder, please add Allsewingpatterns.net to your list of trusted senders. This is highly recommendable if you use an aol.com or mail.com mailbox.
Alternatively, you can use this form to see and download your latest purchases.

Do I need special software to open a PDF file?

Yes, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the latest software here.

Do you sell patterns in other languages than English?
¿Venden patrones en español?
Vendez-vous des modèles en français?

No, sorry! For now all patterns on my website are English only. Please take this into consideration when you purchase a pattern.
Por ahora todos los patrones en mi sitio web son sólo Inglés. Por favor, tenga esto en cuenta cuando se compra un patrón.
Pour l'instant, tous les modèles sur mon site sont en anglais uniquement. S'il vous plaît prendre cela en considération lorsque vous achetez un modèle.

Is there a copyright on the patterns?

Yes there is. You are not allowed to sell the pattern, distribute or reproduce it without the designer's permission. Patterns are for non-commercial use only, unless stated otherwise. A detailed copyright statement can usually be found on the referred website.

Do you sell finished items?

No sorry, we don't sell the finished products.